Experienced Transportation Broker

What is a transportation broker??  A transportation broker is the connection between shippers and carriers.  A broker does not take possession of shipments physically, but the broker does have to facilitate communication between the shipper and the carrier to assure delivery is made safely and on time.  An experienced broker gives a shipper a market advantage that solidifies a reputable following.  Along with the shipper, the experienced broker can facilitate a carrier with best loads available according to their preferences.  With that experience a broker can anticipate obstacles that can minimize delays or losses of revenue for shippers and carriers.

Refrigerated Produce Transportation

Refrigerated transportation is a method for shipping freight that requires special, temperature-controlled trailers.  For the majority types of produce, temperature-controlled transit is a necessity.  The benefit of refrigerated transportation is that it keeps the produce’s shelf life from deteriorating during transit.  In compliance with the FDA, the refrigerated trailers must be deemed safe for handling the perishables that are transported, this includes clean walls, floors, and not have odors of any kind.  To effectively transport produce, there must be a knowledge of how specific products need to be transported based on their perishability.

Produce Shipping Services

Shipping produce needs more attention and care to get to its destination.  Trailers must be in compliance with FDA regulations and must maintain temperature instructions from the time the carrier accepts the shipment to the conclusion of the order.  These regulations include clean trailers and must be odor free.  Caring for the shipment includes full securement of the load, maintain temperature instructions, and daily updates of transit. Updates of transit are vital for all involved in the shipment.  Fulfillment of this communication gives the customer the necessary information to fulfill their orders or to adjust in transit.

OTR Produce Shipping Solutions

Over The Road (OTR) shipping has a high demand for fast transportation.  Produce flourishes in different regions of the country throughout the year making distance an obstacle to get produce to consumers at its peak of freshness.  For example, tomatoes thrive in northern California in the summer while in the winter Florida produces some of the best quality tomatoes.  OTR transportation is crucial and must be not only up to par on safety, but up to the task for transporting these time sensitive loads.  The solution to getting the consumer to enjoy some of the best produce from these regions, extensive consideration is taken before assigning carriers to these shipments.